Monday, November 29, 2010

STYLIST the interpreters of fashion


Stylists posses the rare ability to cast a spell over the world around them and tap into the creative consciousness of a moment.Never before has the role of the stylist been so enmershed in popular culture.Their personal touches and flights of imagination are reflected in genres as diverse as music videos,fashion and fine art photography,and the celebrity editorial.Today,the stylist has taken a leap from behind-the-scenes choreographer to front-row fantasist,conjuring up visual marvels with top designers for the glossy pages of fashion magazines and unleashing dreamy pastiches whose influences derive from the mediums of film,photography,and painting among others.
Each of the stylist is a combination of personality,individual flair and upbringing,but what becomes clear is that they all have one thing in common:
it's the creative process that compels them to continue inventing and reinventing style.

from the book indicated below

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