Sunday, November 28, 2010

Art & fashion ( portfolio merchandising )

           Art  seems to be as inexhaustible and unpredictable as real human beings...

The above window was designed for branding promotion .

Having in mind that art influences and "speaks" in a different way to each one of us,i liked the idea to go arty!
The concept in order to be clear to everyone,needed some "clues" of indendifications.The art means to create,to experiment,to express thoughts and beliefs in a white canvas..Right...A white canvas..
So i started to imagine a scene of art..
An artist at his workshop trying to create a piece of art.
What we need to transform this thought into a window? 
A piece of white canvas,a brush,a vivid hue of red colour,and a paint easel.
The placement was minimalistic without any mannequins,fact that we use to emphasize at the merchandise of the store,jeans.
The lighting placement had to be accurate for giving hight impact on the viewers eye.
The concept demanded from the viewer to associate the product of the shop,as  highly quality product with a sense of a personal character,as the true pieces of art.
Unique as the art.

Concept / Styling : Yorgos Pantazonas
Retailer : "Pantazonas", ermou 114 street Almiros, p.o 37100, +302422025323

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