Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Maria Daskalakis f/w 2009 collection ( portfolio )

Maria Daskalakis

Beautiful People
fall / winter '09

Maria Daskalakis is suprisingly in her final year at Pansik Scuola Di Moda studying fashion design and has already left her mark at the industry.Following from the last season's mind blowing collection which gained her 2 awards for her spring summer '09 collection Best Catwalk & Best Trendsetter.She had once told an interviewer that she had the finger on the pulse of fashion.This season She has returned with her combined theme of London sophisticates mixed with the dark New York underground twisted with Amsterdam sleeze.
As a teenager Maria immersed herself in club culture observing the beuatiful people,when her fruitful source of inspiration is still the temptress.
Maria after her last collection at the Fashion Week at Gazi,with a less provocative but more interesting collection,where she used the colour effect of silk as her main platform,is now working on her own studio.

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