Sunday, November 28, 2010

Denim Alert ( portfolio merchandising )

At this experimental concept instead of attempting the viewers attention,we found a way to demand it.
The idea was to use something beyond the obvious clever decoration and display and tryed to approach it from the angle of interactive section.
The concept idea, is to give the window a sense of intelligence,for understanding the customer/viewer presence.
 A motion detector was having the role of the "windows eyes" and ten (10) blue lighthouses were receiving
it's order.So when someone was passing by the shop,was activating the "Denim alert system" and everything were activated by themselves,forcing them to come back step into the shop,trying to finger out what happened.

It is extremely important for consumers to be stimulated,to discover and be introduced to new products and alternative channels of communications, if a retail asks for their loyalty.

So step by step we use blue tape to create a vivid image of the "window field" and starting positioning the lighthouses at the bottom and the wall,targeting in the full use of the rotating blue colour effect.To make these lights more obvious to the viewers eyes,we constructed a place for the base of the window.

The use of blue is selected as a connection between the jeans identity of the retailer with the window theme,which named "Denim Alert".

The use of blue tape also creates the illusion of more space in a window if this effect is required.

The follow video it will give you a taste of the customers experience during this concept.
When someone was passing through,and the window was "activated",made them so curious about what they have caused and have returned back immediately to find an answer to their question.
Enjoy the experience:


Concept / Styling : Yorgos Pantazonas
Retailer : Pantazonas, ermou 114 street Almiros, p.o 37100,+302422025323

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