Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion & Science ( portfolio merchandising )

After the end of the summer period, concepts usually comes around of children and their activities at school, especially at jeans retailers, in or out of big cities. But how can you approach a theme, that has been made again and again without sharing with your costumers the same feeling, every year?

                                   The  answer lays on the nature of the decoration.

Fashion and science as a concept, is a mixture of surrealism, fashion and sculpture. The concept required 14.000 strolls, for decorating the back of the wall and the base, giving you the feeling of a sculpture because of it unusual shape.

 One by one the strolls were placing next to each other, creating the illusion of depth in the whole window.

              Fashion & Science was divided in two (2) sections:
Men’s wear, was representing the “antigravity” experiment on physics. All strolls were lifting up,ending hanging upside down on the top of the window, as a room without gravity.  


    Women wear, was representing the “geometry” theory on mathematics. All strolls, were placed with a specific way,to represent a “ruler on the back wall  of the window.


 At the entrance of the shop, were placed envelopes for informing customers,  about the alternative materials that have been used,by new generation artists for sculptures, all over the word. The envelope was also contained the story of surrealism and a list of art books,similar to the window concept,in order them to be “educated” at the same way as school does.

                                              Welcome to fashion school ..



Concept / Styling :Yorgos Pantazonas
Retailer: Pantazonas, ermou 114 street Almiros, p.o 37100, +302422025323

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