Thursday, November 25, 2010

Modus Vivendi ( portfolio styling )

Modus Vivendi

The artist can withrwaw into his private world and concern himself with the mysteries of his craft and with the dreams of his childhood,provided,at least lives up to the public's notion of what art is about.











"Visionary along with the audacious,
one sole definition,
we shall not stand,
because he flirts with absurdity
yet light he gave
and though incongruous with his times,
the time he speaks,
eternity is measured as light performs
the sight enchanted
what is deciphered,
the future beholds."

Photographer :

Nikos Libertas
 Fashion stylist :

Yorgos Pantazonas
  Hair stylist :

 Dora Kiose

 Make Up artists:

 Aggeliki Spanidou
Christina Skarmoutsou
Vassiliki Skaltsogianni

Margie Tarsouli

All the clothes,props and accessories are designed and customized by the stylist.

Special Thanks :
Anna Kanta for her trully inspirational words(final text).
Fish Dossa for his hospitality and quidance.


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