Monday, November 29, 2010

Indulge yourself some colour ( portfolio merchandising )

The ultimate way to introduce your spring/summer collection to your customers is the use of colour.

  The colour effect is a very effective way, to attract the viewer's eyes to your window display theme.At this concept we use 1000 meters (1km) in 10 hues of the basic colours (green,red,blue).Placing them one next to another (very carefully in order to avoid gaps) and always following a specific order to create harmony, we have created a wallpaper (according to the hues of the merchandise that was going to be dislayed).This action gave us the effect of long and wide window (even though the space was not) and also was the ideal way for displaying monocromatic outfits.The use of the sign "Welcome spring/summer 2010" except of informative had also a decorative character,by giving depth in the window to the viewer's eyes.

A major success factor for this concept is the lighting.The selection of the decoration material is suggested to have shinny elements (saten,silk,tafeta fabrics) in order to reflect the light and not to absorb it.
Because of it's vivid nature the window,will display better basic garments of wardrobe and only simple designed accessories and clothes.

Concept / Styling :
Yorgos Pantazonas

Pantazonas, ermou 114 street Almiros,
p.o 37100, +302422025323

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