Friday, May 27, 2011

Vertical Gardens ( stylelife )

Botanist-artist Patrick Blanc has invented a unique form of urban green-ification, which not only defies gravity, but also bypasses the need for an actual garden, patio or even soil. A metal frame, with layers of PVC and felt and an automated watering system is affixed to a wall, creating a support system for the plants, which thrive in this vertical habitat. Not only does this look sensational, it also purifies the air. Blanc’s work with renowned architects including Jean Nouvel and Edouard Francois has seen many buildings in his native Paris (including the Foundation Cartier), and in other cities such as New York (the Phyto Spa), become enlivened by a vertical sheen of green. He is currently on tour, and will deliver a lecture in Sydney on December 1

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