Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saville Row ( snapshot )


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Had an interesting conversation this morning with Prof.Andrew Ramroop a master tailor participating in the series of Jamaica Style Week events. I was expressing the idea that I had come to a kind of dead-end when it came to menswear fashion design and as a representative of that venerable Saville Row tradition he gave me a crash course on the precision and diligence required to craft a custom made suit. All that was formidable but I'm superfical and what really pulled me into the myth of Saville Row was the context, the historic environment in which that bespoke tailoring is staged. I'm perfectly aware of all the post-colonial ironies of the fetish but Maurice Sedwell and Gieves & Hawkes are spaces redolent with a ritual of dressing that I pledge to one day indulge.

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