Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Backless zipper dress ( customizing )

‘Business at the front, party at the back’ –. Here is my backless diagonal zipper dress, a recent DIY inspired by an Ashish dress which I first spotted on Park & Cube – see my progress here and here. To my surprise, it was actually a really simple to DIY.  I am completely obsessed with the symmetry and that the dress scoops down naturally at the sides due to the weight of the zip. If I was daring, I could have left the zip completely undone but I don’t think anyone needs to see anymore of my white girl ghetto assssss, hence why my closest friends call me J.Lo haha.

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Here a step-by-step tutorial which I hope will inspire you to DIY your own backless zipper dress.
1. All you need for this DIY is thread, pins, a sewing needle, chalk, scissors and a zip – the length of the zip is completely up to you. My dress is from a charity store in Newquay (naturally) which only cost me a couple of quid

2. Lay your dress flat on a table and mark out with chalk where you want the zipper to sit diagonally down the back of the dress. I took a photo of this step but the chalk was showing up too pale in my photos so hopefully these other couple of photos are still a good guide for you. Try the dress on to make sure the chalk line sits nicely across your back and sits no where near your butt crack…not sexy.
3. Carefully cut along the chalk line with sharp scissors making sure not to make a cut through to the front of the dress.
4. Lay out your zip along the opening of your dress, unzip and pin into place along both sides. I chose to leave the zip exposed as it’s gold and quite chunky which I really like.

5. Starting from the bottom, hand sew each side of the zip onto the dress. I found that closing the zip as I hand sewed my way up the dress really helped creating a neat stitch. Now I am no seamstress, my hand sewing isn’t sharp and straight but remember this is a DIY, not Kate Middleton’s wedding dress so anyone can do this. Trust me.
6. The zip I chose was about 10cm too long so I snipped it at the top and sewed it together so the zip doesn’t slide off. Voila

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