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Stylish tips for stylish men ( gents fashion )

How to pull it off:
1. The cool new breed of linen suit is darker, dressier, and easier to wear. Avoid that fusty and very blah beige color.
2. Don't be afraid of a few wrinkles—they're what give linen its attitudinal appeal. 3. Despite its casual rep, a linen suit can stand up to dressy accessories. Finish it off with a pocket square and a formal watch
2. Let Your Tie Bloom
This isn't about pink-and-teal madras novelty neckwear that grabs attention at Cape Cod lawn parties. This is about a new generation of plaid ties that will add a refreshing hit of vibrant color to the suits you wear to the office week in and week out. The secret? Deeper, richer, darker colors.
From left: $98, by Mark McNairy New Amsterdam. $115, by David Hart & Co. $50, by Club Monaco. $140, by Alexander Olch. $50, by Nautica

3. Your Check Just Got Smaller
The microcheck is a miniature version of gingham—the checks are so small they're almost a secret. These shirts are a chance to dip your toes into pattern mixing without going full André 3000 or Glenn O'Brien.

Going to the Source: Neil Barrett
Menswear's Minimal Master Explains Why Your T-Shirt Should Fit as Well as Your Dress Shirts
"Wearing a T-shirt simply makes a great suit jacket look less rigid, less uptight. I personally like to wear a white loose-fitting crewneck tee—or one of those U-necks—but you can get away with anything. Try a rock-band tee, a college tee, or just a solid-color, and wear it with a structured jacket for a nice contrast."

4. There's No Single Way to Wear the Double-Breasted Jacket
Now that the spring collections are hitting stores, you're going to be astounded by how many jackets, sweaters, coats, and cardigans are double-breasted. Start with a simple slim-cut double-breasted jacket and have a little fun with it. Note how Cudi's doing the opposite of what you'd expect: He's got it buttoned up with a V-neck tee. Oh, and one insider tip: The cool kids are calling them "D.B.'s

5. Believe in the Weave
How to pull it off:
1. Woven belts give you a casual look you should save for weekend chinos and white jeans. Don't try to wear one with your suit to the office.
2. For a real statement, contrast the color of the belt with the color of your pants (light-color belt with dark jeans and vice versa).
6. The Quickest Way to Be a Style Visionary
The square-framed Wayfarer will never go away. But if you want something different from the shades all your friends are wearing, try a more rounded frame. East Coast prepsters used to wear round glasses in tortoiseshell, but for a more modern look, buy black frames. They'll give you a slightly geeky cool without going full Woody Allen.
7. Steal from Hemingway—Pull On a Manly-Ass Sweater
"There's something gutsy about a fisherman's sweater. It's no lightweight merino turtleneck, you know? When you wear a chunky sweater like this, it's like saying, 'Last time I wore this, I was out chopping wood.' And it doesn't have to be a turtleneck—a crewneck works just as well."—Jim Moore, GQ creative director.

8. Try a Sock That Will Make Your Shoes Shine
Let's say you've plunked down a wad of cash for some beautiful lace-ups. Good move, but how do you accentuate them? Go for a muted pastel like pink or purple that will attract just enough attention to your feet without stealing any of your shoes' significant thunder.
9. Because a Pocket Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Don't get us wrong—the white pocket square is here to stay. But this spring, punch it up with a polka-dot version in cotton or silk. Stick with small dots and avoid super-shiny silk that will make you look like a peacock.

11. Well, You Already Have the Boat Shoes, Right?
You might look at a St-Tropez sailor knit and think, "Really?" But you can pull it off with no problem, as long as you style it in a way that doesn't turn it into a Picasso costume. And that means keeping it simple: Pair it with raw denim jeans and some white sneakers and walk out the door.
12. Give Yourself a Kick in the Pants
You're not wearing jeans exclusively anymore, right? Good. Now it's time to add some colored chinos to your collection of khakis. Just remember: If they're baggy, you're going to look like your wife went shopping for you at Vineyard Vines. Instead, yours should be trim and tapered—and don't even think about pleats.
14. Tobacco Brown? Who Says You Can't Smoke at Work
"Ronald Reagan was famous for his chocolate brown suits, but the look that's back now is a lighter shade of brown—almost the color of tobacco. Put it on with a pale blue shirt and it's going to be one of the best business looks in your arsenal." —Lisa Cohen, GQ senior fashion editor

15. Always, Always Brown with Blue
1. Learn what every well-dressed European man knows: The best way to bring out the richness of your blue suit is with equally rich brown accessories.
2. A brown leather bag only gets better with age.
3. Brown dress shoes should be dark, like the color of coffee with just a touch of cream.

17. The Retro Polo That Is So 2011
The hell's a Ban-Lon? It's a polo with its roots in the 1950s, marked by a striped collar and a knit waistband. Think Sinatra on the golf course or a cool old dude with a fedora chewing on a robusto on the streets of Havana. One warning: That knit waistband ain't gonna do you any favors if you have a gut.
Going to the Source: Yigal Azrouël
The Man Who Brought the Cool-Guy Scarf Stateside Explains How to Tie It Up
"You see more guys in Europe wearing lightweight scarves in the spring than you do in America, but people are starting to catch on here. It's just a simple way to give yourself a cooler look. Find one that's more than just a piece of fabric; it should have a cool wash or be a beautiful lightweight cashmere. Then wear it with a leather jacket, or skip the tie and wear it with your suit. The key is not to try too hard to style it. Just wrap it around your neck and let it be."

18. Who Said Blue Jeans Have to Be Blue?
It's time to diversify your denim arsenal beyond blue and black. Gray jeans still feel tough and very of-the-street, but the lighter color plays well in spring.
19. Let Your Feet Show You're Not All Business
How to buy loafers: Ask yourself if the loafers you're looking at are closer to boat shoes or to lace-ups. If the silhouette is slim and elegant and the leather looks like it would respond better to a good shine than to a tough breaking in, you've found the right pair.
How to pull them off: Go sockless. Loafers are the perfect shoes to wear with a suit sans socks—it's that hint of playfulness no one can see until you sit down and flash some ankle.

20. Rock Spring's Most Versatile Dress Shirt
When you think of a khaki shirt, you probably think of a safari shirt (adorned with epaulets and worn untucked), but the new breed's got all the seriousness—and style—of any dress shirt in your wardrobe.
You know what no one in your office has yet? A khaki dress shirt. Show 'em how it's done

Rock Spring's Most Versatile Dress Shirt
1. Remember: You don't have to be dressed up to wear a tie

Rock Spring's Most Versatile Dress Shirt
3. Yes, you, too, really can pull off a leather jacket and a bow tie

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