Saturday, November 26, 2011

YSL Life ( stylelife )

Having read The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake COUNTLESS times, the film felt like a visual reminder of all of those events with the added bonus of archive footage well as beautiful present day filming of Laurent and Berge's residences in Paris, Normandy and in Marrakech. This can feel somewhat slow and meandering to some but through the rich array of objects on display that isn't confined to style or period, you get a sense of the wealth of inspiration that filtered down into Yves Saint Laurent's work.
Once the packing and preparation for the final auction of these objects comes, there's a sadness because the film has been so object-focused but the Berge's sentiment iterated at the very beginning of the film, rescues the whole thing from feeling like a House and Country/Christie's showcase and that is this "But you know, losing someone wih whom you have lived, with ups and downs along the way, for fifty eyars, whose eyes I closed... You know, that is another thing entirely than seeing one's objets d'art leave."

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