Monday, November 21, 2011

Tips For Buying The Ideal Jean ( styling )

Opt for a quality fabric. It seems obvious, but how do you know what you’re buying is quality? Mark suggests always investing in premium brands that specialise in denim. Feel the fabric closely – if it has too much stretch to it, it will likely give way too quickly and lose shape after a few washes. To choose a quality denim, find one that has some stretch, but not too much.
Check the fit of the waistband. At the back of the jeans, along the top, the waistband should sit close to the body. If there’s gaping between the waistband and body, the jeans aren’t a good fit.
Look for straight lines. Straight, symmetrical lines on a pair of jeans show that they’ve been well made, and that they fit the body correctly. Visually imagine lines going across the top of the pockets, across the waistband and across the stitching on the yoke, and check that nothing is askew.
A skinny cut is always more flattering. Mark recommends skinny and slim fits as they’ll always elevate you and give you a longer leg. If you do decide on a slouchy or boyfriend cut, dress it up so you don’t lose the element of effortless glamour.
For a fuller figure, select a higher rise. Don’t be scared that a higher cut will make your derriere appear larger – if the jeans are well made, a high rise will be flattering on the bottom and give you more curve without giving you more hips.
Thanks again to Mark at Diesel for the denim tips. For a selection of social photos from last night’s Diesel event, click on the thumbnails above.

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