Friday, November 18, 2011

Hermes Window Display History ( merchandising )

Since 1977, Leila Menchari has been responsible for concocting the famous window displays for the Maison Hermès, 24 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore in Paris , as well as designing some of its most iconic scarves. She was born into a family of wealthy landowners by the sea near Hammamet in Tunisia…
In 1998 Tunisia ‘s President decorated her with the “Commandeur de l’ordre de la Republique Tunisienne. “ In 1995, she became a “Chevalier de l’ordre du mérite” of France. In 2006 she received the Golden Dido award, the highest distinction awarded to a woman in Tunisia, for her contribution to Tunisia ‘s cultural influence in the world. Menchari was also encouraged by her family, who were very progressive. In fact Menchari came from a long line of headstrong woman. Her grandmother was one of the first Tunisian women to remove the veil in public, and began lecturing and educating Tunisian women about their rights.
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Her attention to detail and use of exotic materials bring crowds of on lookers who come back year after year enjoy the art.
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Bertoux Quentin
De Laubier Guillaume
Feith Jean-Louis
Mati Véronique
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