Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Supermodels Time ( snapshots )

Christy! Linda! NAOMI! On a night out with Steven himself. How beautiful were these kids? How crackling and electric the atmosphere around them. The important thing was the fun they had in the images. Look at the details of that bandana tied around the leg of the fearless tranny. Look how radiant Christy is in that oversized silk Versace blouse. Keep in mind that the heedless beauty of these girls is OFF-duty and yet fashion perfect in a way the modern models just don't muster. They lived the myth and they lived the myth fully. A super-special thanks goes out to James Tinnelly at Women for forwarding these amazing references over to TI. People magazine June 11th 1990. Legendary!
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She didn't vogue. She IS Vogue

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