Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Mugler team for Varon ( styling )

For the 4th issue of Varón - on stands worldwide September 8th - Nicola Formichetti styles himself and his menswear team at Mugler in the Mugler autumn/winter 2011 collection. Shot by Kacper Kasprzyk, the story features
menswear designer Romain Kremer, communications director Alban Adam, and Formichetti's assistant Matthieu Bredon-Huger. The feature marks the first magazine portrayal of the Mugler team since Nicola Formichetti was appointed creative director at the house last year. It is accompanied by an in-depth interview with Formichetti and his team by Anders Christian Madsen. Here are some excerpts:
Nicola Formichetti in response to copycat accusations in regards to his work with Lady Gaga:
"In short, no, we don't have other people's looks on the wall and we don't try to copy anyone. That would be a stupid thing to do, no? Do people really think Gaga would go and look at a music video and say, 'That's a cool video, let's redo that'? People only think that because that's the only reference they have."
Nicola Formichetti on public criticism: "I get really sad when people judge me and think I'm snobby because of stuff they read on the internet, like stuff about old people or fat people that's taken completely out of context. It gets blown out of proportion. It's sad but I have to keep moving, and keep believing in what I'm doing."
Nicola Formichetti on Thierry Mugler:
"For me he's like God, you know? So I don't really wanna... I don't really want to know what he thinks. Of course I'd like for him to love it, but I don't really want to... For me he's someone so high, but I'm not here to please him. If he
doesn't like it, it would make me sad but he's not why I decided to take the job. The reason I changed the name to Mugler instead of Thierry Mugler was to make it less personal and more of a brand as opposed to a French couturier. I want it to
become a global brand."
Nicola Formichetti on Romain Kremer:
"He's like an extension of my hand. Our tastes are so similar. I'm not very good at making things so he does it for me." Nicola Formichetti on Alban Adam: "He's my brain. Everything I think about the brand, he articulates into reality. And he's not a boring PR person, which is nice."
Nicola Formichetti on Matthieu Bredon-Huger: "He's my little brother. The stylish little French brother I never had."

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