Thursday, July 21, 2011

Towel as a canvas ( stylelife )

Towel is such a common and generic everyday item, that it’s even hard to imagine that it can be any different than this usual rectangle shaped piece of fabric. But as always, we love to shake things up a bit, so we handpicked 14 of the most creative towel designs from all over the world.
Which one would you like to bring to the beach this summer?

from the source indicated below

Maison Martin Margiela
A towel that transforms into a bag, or vice versa. You can place your essentials inside it safely for this one has zips at its sides. (link)

Probably the easiest way to get on the “Playboy” cover. (Advertising Agency: Grey, Argentina, Buenos Aires)

The Axe Effect. (Advertising Agency: Lowe MENA, Dubai, UAE)

Do-it-yourself insurance created the Sand Towel as an incentive for people who took out travel insurance. Though just an ordinary white towel at first glance, when turned over it has a photo of sans printed on the back to use to cover your valuables when you go swimming. This clever device perfectly camouflages and protects your valuables so you can swim without worry.(Advertising Agency: DDB Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

An ambient marketing activity which took place in Gordon beach, Tel Aviv, in order to increase awareness to sun damage and skin cancer. The activity included 50 towels with a coal grill print on them. The towels where placed from early morning to late noon, during which we received countless reactions from passers-by, unable to ignore the unusual site which appeared in front of them. (Advertising Agency: Gitam BBDO, Israel)
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