Monday, July 25, 2011

Taylor Baldwin skeleton ( art now )

” The main focus of my artistic energy is currently invested in making sculptural assemblages out of handmade objects. I am interested in how inert, inanimate objects can resonate meaning in the mind. My work makes unified wholes out of disparate fragments. I like piecing together ideas that may be rationally incongruent, but feel, by some mysterious criteria, to belong in the same narrative. I am interested in making work that exhibits a totally different character dependent on the viewer’s physical relation to it. Standing ten feet away, the whole object may become a unified image; at ten inches away, its pixel level materiality is apparent. When these two resolutions can sit simultaneously in the mind -both the whole image and the constituent material parts- friction is generated between them. This energy is what I see as the fulcrum of my work. This can look like bits of colorful detritus coalescing into a human skeleton; or a newspaper that at first seems mundane, upon inspection reveals itself as completely hand-drawn. Sensory experience has a special intensity to it that is most palpable when it operates sub-lingually, and is really activated when you see something that rails against the most basic physical rules you are accustomed to. The very nature of the perception of objects (in their irrefutability) somehow demands moments like these, moments that require something more than critical analysis to penetrate. Working primarily through sculpture, I am concerned with conjuring an agitation of the mind that operates on that edge between mental space and real space. ” – Taylor Baldwin

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