Sunday, July 17, 2011

Remember.. It's Sales time ( merchandising )

During the preparation for sales period, the window display concept should present something similar as a project, but in the same time something totally different from the previous sales project.
I had in mind something fun, bright, summery, eye popping, clever and interesting at the same time.
The proper material for the concept was a huge amount of post it stickers, in a varation of four different colors.

The majority of the people are using these stickers, in order to remind something important for their daily schedule.
So why not to remind them the most important period for their wardrobe style and for their money saving.

Next step was the creation of a illusional and interseting backround, before we set the merchandise in the window. We use 3500 stickers and a lot of patience.

One by one sticker with a specific tempo, in order to create the harmony effect we gave the backwall and the ground a vivid and eye catching effect.

The illusional effect was done, but we also had to make clear to the audience the whole concept.
So we used stickers, that were representing the sales period as a proper diary does but we also marked the days that sales are happening.

We also used the Remember word to give them the feeling we want for the concept..

After this the whole window was looking like this..

The sales time is the most beloved period for the retailers and for the consumers also.
Enjoy it both.

Concept / Styling
Yorgos Pantazonas

ermou 114 str Almiros

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