Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sculptor Kolei Nawa ( art now )

Kohei Nawa <-- Sculptor, Assistant Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design; Nawa was born in Osaka in 1975. In 2003, he completed the doctoral program in sculpture at the Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School, Fine Arts Research. He has developed a diverse array of artwork using a variety of materials that include beads, prisms, silicon oil, expanded polyurethane, and glue, centered on a concept called PixCell=Pixel + Cell, that is based on an awareness of the surface of things. He is currently in the midst of a number of projects, having launched SANDWICH in Kyoto as a platform for the production and creation side of things. In 2007, Nawa was awarded the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize. In 2009, he opened an L_B_S exhibit at the Maison Hermes Le Forum in Tokyo. Besides participating in the 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (2009 – 2010) held in Brisbane, he has participated in numerous other international exhibitions as well.

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