Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vman22 of May 2011 ( snapshot )

Leading up to the release of VMAN 22 on May 3rd, we are posting exclusive images of our agency Powerhouses.
Left to right: Jonatan Frenk, Johan Johansson, Wiktor Hansson, Christian Larsson, Niklas Nilsson,Rikard Johansson, Daniel Gill, André Bentzer, and Leopold Nilsson.
Photography Tobias Lundkvist
Styling Emma Thorstrand

Hair André Cueto-Saavedra (MIKAsLOOKs)
Make up Karin Westerlund (MIKAsLOOKs)

The photos on this blog are sourced in various sites from the internet (apart from the ones taken by me). Original source is always mentioned. If you feel your photorights have been violated or they have been presented in a negative way, please send me mail. I´ll remove them from my blog immediately.
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