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Jean Michel Basquiat ( history of art )

Jean Michel Basquiat was born in New York's Brooklin, and was the first of the three children of Matilde Andrades ( born in Haiti ) and Gerard Basquiat ( Puerto Rican woman born in Brooklyn) at 22 December 1960. Because of his parents worldwide internationality, Jean Michel could write, speak and understand three languages ( French, Spanish, English ) at the early age of eleven.

Jean Michel Basquiat
 18 months

He was a child with highly intelligence (at the age of four he could write and read ) and a charismatic way of drawing. The teacher has noticed Jean Michel's gift in artwork and encouranced him ( having his mother on his side ) to continue his creative path.

Jean Michel Basquiat
4 years old

After his parents separation ( Semptember 1968 ) Jean Michel and his sisters were raised by his father.
At the age of 17 he graduated from the City As School with ten grade and stayed at friends houses, while he was supporting himself by selling t-shirts and handmade postcards.

Samo was the pseudonimun of  Jean Michel and his friend Al Diaz, when 1976 begun grafiiti in the buildings of Manhattan, and used this as they signature. At December 1978 an article at Village Voice had a theme about graffiti, where some of Samo's artworks were presented. Some on the air interviews
on television, the formation of the noise band which was performing at night clubs and Jean Michel starring role in the Indepented film Downtown 1981, have made him and his artwork famous.

The Times Square Show  was a exhibition of multi artistic creations (sponsored by Colad and Fashion Moda) were Basquiat particated, before his artworks became famous on the art world, due to Artforum magazine.

In 1981 Jean Michel Basquiat started exhibit ( after joining Annina Nosei gallery in Soho ) alongside with other artists that represent the Neo expressionist movement (  Julian Schnabel, David Salle, Francesco Clemente and Enzo Cucchi ) but mostly alone after 1982.

Jean Michel Basquiat had left the Annina Nosei gallery and showed at the famous Mary Boone gallery in Soho, when finally at 10 February of 1985 appeared on the cover of The New York Times.

After Andy Warhol's death ( 22 February 1987) Basquiat became increasingly isolated and the heroine addiction ( that had influenced his artworks ) quide him to death after overdose in his studio on Great Jones Street in New York's Noho at the age of 27  ( 12 August of 1988 ).

Several major museum retrospective exhibitions of Basquiat's works have been held since his death.

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