Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nanna Van Blaaderen Knits ( styling )

So today, I was reading up on some artists from Berlin’s Annual International Design Festival and I discovered some really amazing designers. One designer that I really gravitated towards was fashion/knit designer, Nanna van Blaaderen. After watching Nanna’s DesignGuide interview about the making of her “Species Knitted Collection,” I knew I had to dive deeper into her work. In this video, Nanna talks about how her spawned fascination with animals started at a very young age, and grew to be a great source for her amazing work today.
Taking most of her inspiration from different animal skins and coats, Nanna explorers many techniques yet to be explored in knitwear. Most of Nanna’s research and development is 90 percent experimental and heuristic. She pushes knit manipulation and contemporary bio mimicry to the limit. Unlike your everyday fashion/knit designers Nanna van Blaaderen’s work possesses a certain thoughtfulness & sophistication that elevates her work to a different plateau. When viewing Nanna’s work, the instantaneous knit designer and etsy guru, Yokoo comes to mind. With the submergence of online DIY craft stores like, Etsy, Paperstitch, and BigCartel, that utilize PayPal, people have taken craftiness to a new level. It’s hard to figure out what is unique, crafty, or just plain chic. Though both are great designers, Yokoo has started to capitalize off a budding market for crafty acquired goods, while Nanna continues to push the envelope in design.
Images via Nanna van Blaaderen Photography by Pablo Delfos

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