Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marcus Levine's Nailed Paintings ( art now )

” Many people ask me how long a typical nail painting takes me, so to answer that question; I take around three weeks from start to finish, bigger pieces take a bit longer, But if I was working on them full time I could do them a lot quicker. It takes around 3,500 nails per picture and I regularly cut myself and occasionally hit my finger with the hammer. So I do suffer for my art. Although I have made every effort to show my nail art at its photographic best on this website. You can only appreciate them fully when you stand in front of one and only then can you see how light plays such a big part of these painting, as the light shifts so do the shadows of the nails changing the contrast of each image making them darker lighter, and even sharper or softer.” – Marcus Levine

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