Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hanging instructions ( stylelife )

Wire coat hangers are the enemy of the
modern man’s wardrobe. While they are great
for breaking into cars, their thin and
hard edge means clothes will come off them
stretched and creased. Start by treating your
clothes right by upgrading to more sturdy

The first and best thing you can do is to start
using wooden hangers. Their wider shoulders
and softer edges fill out clothes better, help-
ing to sustain their shape and fabric. Hangers
made out of cedar not only look and smell
great, but the wood naturally absorbs mois-
ture and its scent deters moths

If your pants are flat fronts, simply clip them
on the waistband. For trousers with a centre
crease, remember to fold them in half so that
the crease aligns on both legs. If you don’t
have enough vertical space, opt for trouser

Try and find suit hangers with locking bars or
hangers that feature a non-slip rubber bar;
both will prevent your pants from falling off. Leave
the jacket unbuttoned and the trousers unzipped
and unbuttoned. Make sure you have plenty
of room between clothes when hanging so
they can breath and to prevent wrinkling.

Heavy duty coats require heavy duty hangers.
Look for the ultra wide variations with the
arched shoulder. If you’ve come straight
from the rain, make sure your coats have
had time to dry before placing them back
in the closet.

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