Monday, August 8, 2011

Elding Oscarson ( stylelife )

This townhouse in Landskrona, Sweden by Elding Oscarson Architecture is rather different from its neighbors; Elding Oscarson’s architectural offices designed this unique townhouse in 2009, on a small traditional street in the southern Swedish town of Landskrona. Elding Oscarson Architects have exploited the small plot of land, to utilize it to its maximum as they have filled the empty plot with a conformist slab, sandwiched deliberately at odds with the old-fashioned but unassumingly beautiful surrounding architecture.
The all-white 125 square meter townhouse has been built on a petite plot measuring a mere 75 square meters (807 square feet), facing a street with a colorful hidden world inside the city block, which is conveniently located by the beach in this growing region. Elding Oscarson Architects sought to create an intense presence in this small-scale, contrasting, naturally worn place in the completed project – a feeling of almost being outdoors.  The result of this intense presence was the creation of an entirely white townhouse with elegantly audacious geometrical proportions and lucidity with its unique architectural design; juxtaposing the traditional surrounding environment with a distinctively different, yet equally gorgeous, architectural style.  This sharp contrast expresses inherent clarity, but more importantly highlights the beauty of the surroundings.

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