Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving Figures ( snapshots )

Prop Stylist Jessica Ennis
Makeup Artist Lottie for Dior
Hair Stylist Wesley O'Meara (The Wall Group)
Models Chris Rayner, Milo Spijkers, Nick Rae and Daisuke Ueda (NY Models)
Petey Wright (Ford NY)
YaRnIe Prop in Thom Browne image made by Mikey Anderson

Photo Assistant Layla Wrencher
Stylist Assistants Shigehiro Yamada, Ryoko Ichimura and Comi
Makeup Assistant Risa Robins-Moloney
Hair Assistant Dina Jennings
Prop Stylist's Assistant Veronika Ossi

The photos on this blog are sourced in various sites from the internet (apart from the ones taken by me). Original source is always mentioned. If you feel your photorights have been violated or they have been presented in a negative way, please send me mail. I´ll remove them from my blog immediately.
Thank you

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